Dock your Boat is not just an app. It's a long-term project with a growing community of real sailors, but also players and people who like boats. The constant changes on the platforms require continuous adjustments! We do our best to make the app work on as many devices as possible, but not everything is under our control. We are dependent on the Unity3D game engine and its interfaces to the different operating systems.
Over time, there are always phases where we have to concentrate on technical changes, such as: Unity updates, changed Play Store or Apple Store guidelines, because otherwise the app could be blocked. These times are particularly challenging because mostly nothing works for a while and we have to bring all modules back to life. Other phases are more fun, such as creating new features, boats or scenes, because here we write our own code, which is easier to keep under control.
The list here is a vague compilation to give you an idea of ​​where the journey is headed.

Game Logic

  • Multiplayer
  • Scene Editor
  • Scenes dedicated to sailing
  • Play to Earn
  • Sailing Regatta
  • Win vouchers for real boat charters or tokens for spending inside the game
  • More Docking Scenes
  • Bigger boats
  • Bring real world harbours from OpenStreetMap


  • Build world from OpenStreetMap + satellite depthdata
  • Regatta bouys for validating a track
  • Timer
  • Dynamic berth places - automatically check where one wants to berth
  • Towing of boats (dinghi)
  • AI training sessions for "enemy" boats to improve there behaviour
  • Extend AI models of "enemy" boats to learn them sailing rules


  • Apple TV
  • VR version for Oculus